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Jan 19, 2013 5:00am EST
borough for this sunday's game. they are not going as a family united. dad stacy his wife daughter and shelby lynn are ravens fan, thomas is a diehard patriots fans. >> i tried to teach him ravens went the other way. it was upsetting to me and my wife. we couldn't understand what happened. >> very fortunate, lucky to have him but upset he is a patriots fan. >> stacy says he has been a ravens fan since the came to baltimore. he tried to get him to love the team but he couldn't. >> as soon as you see tom brady work the field you have to believe in the patriots come to know and tom brady and everything about the organization. >> now it's a house divided thomas on one side the rest of the family on the other. they have a dedicated ravens room. thomas was allowed to hang a small picture of tom brady on the wall. the stakes so high there's a little bit of trash talking going on in the house. >> we beat you this year already. >> that's when you were playing good and we were playing bad. now we are playing good you are playing bad. >> we are playing good. the fight is on and you are going
Jan 19, 2013 6:00pm EST
fingers to be amputated. >> tell me about your little hand. what do you call it and why? >> stacy. >> why do you call your hand stacy? >> because it has five pedals. >> it's a synthetic glove. i think it's going to have even the veins and the fingers. they measure everything that looks like her other hand and then color match, too. >> reporter: so in 11 days, catharine will get her christmas wish. the part that reminds us the most of what it's like to benign. >> now people on the bus, they are not going to laugh at me anymore. i'm happy! >> reporter: and we are, too. . >> yes, we are. >>> coming up, a fox 5 health alert. the latest x-ray techniques saving lives, according to one study. a 3d mammogram helping people defend themselves against breast cancer. . >>> recapping our top story, the nation's capital gearing up for the inauguration on monday. day of service activities have been going on all over the country today, as the obama administration renews its annual commitment to community service and volunteer work. vice president joe biden and his family did some volunteering today, too,
Jan 19, 2013 4:00pm EST
the field or the sunken road. it was the perfect window of opportunity. e -- stacy's the poll box in front of 400 and went up the hill and what happens next is unbelievable. with hardly any men they started with 120 men. they lost many men in the charge going through burkstein and ran up the hill. it was german veterans actually. they ran up the hill and took a poll box that was on top of the hill which was the main center of gravity for the hill because it offered protection. the protection offered is from the artillery. as lanelle said to me, picture a rain storm but instead of raindrops it was shrapnel, 18 battalions of german artillery rained down on that hill, it was killing germans and americans alike. it became unbearable. top of that, within half an hour, 45 minutes, the germans according to their doctrine began to counterattack. they did it with company's ranks or more, sometimes even a battalion. 272, and later they started storming the hill. this happens five times. one of the most poignant scenes is from s c corps which was a foxhole secured by a rock. as they charge up the hil
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3